Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First, let's get in the mood...

The room is dark, so dark that it takes a half a minute for your eyes to adjust.  When they do, the first thing you notice is the reddish glow cast from the single lamp in the corner of the room.  Next, you see three silver poles, each reaching ten feet in height from the hardwood floors to the ceiling, scattered throughout the room.  You can barely make out the silhouette of a female form sprawled gracefully in the center of the room, lying motionless.  Off to the side, five women are lounging on a bench covered in silk pillows, waiting in anticipation.  Music starts out of nowhere.  It is deafeningly loud, and then the female shape begins to move slowly.  The women on the bench erupt into cheers.  The woman on the floor begins to move her hips and butt in an impossibly slow circle, her long blonde hair cascading down her back while her eyes peer seductively at the women from underneath the rim of the baseball hat she is wearing.  Her body is thick and voluptuous.  As she arches her head back, the baseball cap tumbles off onto the floor.  She continues to dance, reaching out for the hat, putting it on and letting it fall off again.  You get the sense that there is a connection to this hat, that it means something to her.  Wrapping one hand around the pole she swings her legs out, her body lifts graciously into the air and she twirls back down to the floor again, this time on all fours.  Her movements are sensual and arousing, but there is more to her dance than that.  She is communicating to you through her body, holding a conversation about her desires and her emotions.

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