Thursday, September 12, 2013

How Exercise and Sex Can Help you Meet Your Fitness Goals

By: Jackie Anderson

Everyone is looking for new ways to stay in shape. Usually when starting a new diet and exercise plan the first couple of days are pretty rough, but we all persevere, right?  If you're having a little trouble, I have some motivation and additional workouts you can do. Don't worry you don't have to eat rice cakes while you do 100 squats--this one is a little more fun!  To really push your workouts into overdrive, and burn up to an additional300 calories you should add in a few 30 minute to hour long sessions a week. 

What  “sessions” am I talking about? Having sex of course!  That's right. That added pleasure in your life is actually doing your body some good inside and out.  But here's the fun part--hold on to your seats--working out and having sex go hand in hand and both get better with the aid of the other.
Getting your butt in shape allows you to have greater stamina, stronger muscles (for wall sex, of course).  This means you can get into different positions and get into them faster. And losing weight obviously makes us feel more confident about ourselves, so you'll want to walk around naked more often, which just might lead to having sex more often.  Taking care of our body physically also often makes us think more about the food we eat. You just might find that you put down the chips, the heavy starches and excessive red meats and cheeses, which is good because these are all foods that make you bloat and bloating doesn't really put you in the mood. You'll find that the healthier alternatives give you more energy and therefore a better chance at doing the dirty. 
And the healthier food may help you to lose some weight too.

As for having sex, well as I said, that helps you burn up to an additional 300 calories a session. That's 300 calories burned by doing something that you truly enjoy. Bonus! Sex also helps you sleep better, due to the oxytocin your brain releases during a sack session. Oxytocin helps your muscles to repair overnight and you will have stronger workouts the following day.  It also builds your immune system and lowers your stress. Stress wears on our body and causes it to store fat.  If you can get your stress under control, you're likely to see more progress with your workout routine and be happier in general.

Now maybe are you thinking..."Well, I don't have a significant other, so what am I to do?"  Don't worry!  While getting yourself off doesn't burn nearly as many calories as sex, it does have the same brain and body advantages. You don't need a partner when you have sex toys to help you out. An orgasm elicits oxytocin and endorphins--two things that make us sleep better, happier, and reduce stress. Plus, all of the working out you're doing just may land you a new boo in no time. Maybe you'll even meet them at the gym.  

So this weekend, as you're gearing up to do a five miler or even just a one miler, think about ending your day in an additional calorie burning bedroom sesh--whether it’s with someone else or yourself. You'll find that your body appreciates it as much as you do. 

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