Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Favorite Bedtime Story

It's by Cosi Fabian

Eve was not the first woman created!
According to Hebraic tradition, the first woman "made by God" was - Lilith.
She was created from blood and dust, as was Adam before her, and so felt 
herself to be his equal.
So originally it was "Adam and Lilith" in the Garden of Eden!
Everything was fine between them, until it was time for sex.
For then Lilith incurred the wrath of God and Adam for an act of great defiance:
she refused to lie beneath Adam in the "missionary position"
insisted upon by the patriarchs.
Lilith preferred what the historians call the "woman-superior position" - 
and I call the "Isis Squat".
Lilith would not relent.
"Out, out of the Garden!" cried God.
"Out," said Adam.
And so Lilith was banished.  She went to live in the caves by the Red Sea,
where she coupled with demons.
Presumably, in any position she wished.

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