Thursday, September 22, 2011

Parties! Interviews! Videos!

Apparently this is my week to be interviewed.  And I am not complaining! First there was the lovely Sheena LaShay,  and now another beauty named Lorashel has posted an interview on her pole blog.  Twirly Girl is how she is known in the Pole World

Click here to read the interview.  

And in Equally Exciting News, I am throwing a Book Launch Fundraiser  PARTY for The Pole Story October 14th at Movement Studio LA!  Click here to purchase tickets.  Click on the new member special then go to events.

Proceeds will go to benefit the Young Survivor Coalition - 
a charity that focuses on helping women under 35 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I chose this charity because October is breast cancer awareness month and also because my aunt is currently battling breast cancer.

Sneak peek of one of the prizes you could win!!!


  1. i am so happy i found your blog, and i just ordered a copy of your book (should arrive today!)

    thank you, thank you.

    were you ever on the s factor forums by chance? i was, and was wondering if we ever interacted there.

  2. Hey Sparrow! No I was not on the S Factor forums but I did write an article for their magazine. So glad you like the book and the blog!