Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goddess Star Monroe Has Some Sparkly Advice For You

Have you heard of Goddess Star Monroe?  NO? Well she is sure to put a smile on your face and remind you of why you love pole in her latest book, "Goddess Star Monroe's Pole Essentials".  This delicious book is meant to be used as an 'essential' addition to your  pole training and dancing.  It has step-by-step breakdowns of tricks, along with a picture and extra tips from Star.  There is room on each page for you to make your own notes as well!  The book is broken down into four levels and has a number of pole resources listed in the back, as well as quotes from prominent instructors.  In fact, the Introduction is written by pole superstar Zoraya Judd, who shares a very inspirational story about how she got where she is today (Hint: It sounds like magic, but it isn't!)  There is even a juicy quiz that helps you to determine your Secret Pole Personality.  I'm a Vixen, by the way.  But that's not a secret!  What makes this book a standout is that Star doesn't just focus on the technicality of pole (although she is thorough in this department), she also talks about how pole "celebrates everything about being a woman - our curves, our sensuality, our femininity, or determination and our persistence." Her love of pole and of women literally sparkles its way off the pages and makes you feel happy, motivated and beautiful.  But this comes as no surprise because Star has an extensive background in wellness, physical fitness training including yoga, pilates, pole and aerial arts, massage and counseling.  So if you want a little bit of inspiration on your pole journey, then pick up "Goddess Star Monroe's Pole Essentials", read and feel the love.

For more information on Star and what she has to offer, go to www.goddessstarmonroe.com

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